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Company Annual Tax Return

In accordance with the Australian Taxation Office, no matter the financial situation of your company in the past year, all companies must lodge their annual tax return.
The company annual tax return deadline is the end of May of the following year.

According to the company’s annual financial report, you can easily understand the company’s situation for the past financial year.

We put the customer’s company and personal income into consideration while doing company tax returns. We will assess how to maximize your profit, and avoid general mistakes.
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GST stands for goods and service tax issues by the government. There is a 10% GST charge, however this does not apply to agricultural products and basic food. If your annual turn over is less that $75,000, you can choose whether or not you register your GST, where as if your annual turnover is more than $75,000, you must register your GST and lodge your BAS quarterly. This applies to both self-employed (sole traders) as well as companies.

Your BAS must be lodged on time, otherwise you will receive warning and then penalty.

BAS must be lodged on the 28th of each month following the quarter, this does not apply to the month of January, whereby BAS must be lodged by February 28th instead.
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