Trademark Registration
1Register Trademark


Service   Charge
Research First Class $330
Additional per Class $220
1:Research only limited on IP-Australia database.
2:Issue feasibility study report.
3:You can reduce delay made by simple mistakes with more research
Lodge First Class $660
Additional per Class $550
1:All prices include Government and our service fees.
2:Max list products is 10, additional lists will have extra charge.
Certificate First Class $500
Addition each class $500


The listed price applies only to cases that have no additional requests by IP-Australia.

A: IP-Australia requests no addition requirement or supplementary document to be handed in.

B: There is no dispute on publication period;

If there any of the above occurs, we will charge additional fee based on our working time.

2Application Procedure

It may take 12-24 months to process. The most efficient applications can be finished within 7 months.

You can make a request to speed up the process, this can be done by writing a formal letter detailing why it is urgent – we can do this for you at an added cost. There will be no extra charge from IP-Australia.

3Payment Policy

The price we list has no discounts available. Once we start working on your requests, there will be no refund. We only start work after we have received full payment.

For Example: If you choose to stop your application midway through, we will still charge you the full amount for the sections that have already gone through.

The success of your application lies with IP Australia.


(1)After basic consulting, the client will receive a form. After filling out this form you may return it to us.

(2)After we fully understand your requests, we will confirm with you the details, after we confirm these details we will send you the invoice.

(3)Once we receive your payment we will start the feasibility study. You will get the report within one week.

1: Proposed trademark cannot be in violation to any IP Australia rules, and cannot already be registered by anyone else. If the trademark is fine we can move directly to step 4.

2: If there already is a similar trademark or if it violates IP Australia rules, we will advise the client on how to fix their proposal

(4)Formal lodgement of application

(5)IP Australia will start the application process by checking if there are any existing trademarks, and to see if it follows their rules.

* If it passes this stage we will move on to step 6

* If not IP Australia will advise you on how to change it

(6)Once it passes this process there will be a public notification for 2 months:

6.1: If during the 2 months of public notification there are no disputes, we will move onto step 7

6.2 If there are disputes, IP Australia will notify us, and your trademark will have to be altered

6.3 If 6.2 occurs you can authorise your lawyer to dispute this case

(7)IP Australia will issue the certificate. The certificate will be checked and if nothing is wrong, we will pass it to the client.

5Trademark Design & Editing

For the convenience of our clients, Hurstville Accountant can help you find a graphic design agency to help you create your trademark.

Online Trademark
1: Applicant Information
2:Trademark Name
3:Trademark Upload if it is Logo
4:Non English Character or Phrase Translate to English
5: Trademark proposal Class and listed Products
6: Declaration
I appoint Hurstville Accountant P/L as my agent. The agent is authorized to complete my Australia trade mark application. To the best of my knowledge, all the information I provided to agent is true and collect.
I acknowledge that Hurstville Accountant Pty Ltd has advised me of the reasons that the proposed application will fail (e.g. the trade mark application does not pass IP Australia's examination, the trade mark application is opposed by another party etc.) but I wish to lodge this application despite Hurstville Accountant Pty Ltd's advice and will not hold the company or its employees liable.
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